Australia’s Best Houses – Decks & Pergolas

Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas is pleased to announce that we will be featured in two upcoming episodes of ‘Australia’s Best Houses’. The series showcases some of Australia’s most stunning and spectacular properties, putting the work of innovative architects, designers and builders in the spotlight.

Deck It Out Decks will feature in the show’s outdoor segment. This will include a look at our work on two different properties as well as an interview, giving business owner Marc Brazzale a chance to talk about the work that he and his team do. As a long-time fan of Australia’s Best Houses, pergolas and decks expert Marc leapt at the opportunity. “When we were approached to be on the show, it was a straightforward answer”, he said.

“Once I approached the owners and told them we had the chance to film the show at their house, they were very excited at the fact they would be able to show off the work we had done”, he continued. “It looked so amazing and they absolutely love the space.”

You can catch our Australia’s Best Houses decks and pergolas appearance on channel 7two at 11.30pm on October 8 (with a repeat on Friday 14th of October 3:00pm) and October 15 (with repeats on Sunday the 16th 9.30am & Monday the 17th 11.30am), following completion of the Paralympics. Don’t forget to tune in!

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